Selected Publications



The Unexpected, Creative Benefits of Sharing Your Studio, Artsy, 2018

Photographer Namsa Leuba’s Work Upends African Genres and Stereotypes, L’Officiel USA Issue No. 3, 2018

Jalal BinThaneya: Industry, Tribe Vol. 6, 2018

Ghada Amer on Embroidery and Default Beauty, Elephant, 2018

5 Questions with Samira Abbassy, Elephant, 2017

Architectural Digest Tastemakers: Explore Sheikha Lateefa’s story-filled art, Architectural Digest (Middle East Edition), March/April, 2017

Botanist of Letters, Wissam Shawkat, Al Tashkeel, 2017

A Certain Shade of Blue: In the studio with cornerstone Emirati painter Abdul Qader Al Rais, Architectural Digest (Middle East Edition), May/June, 2016

The Storyteller: A few words on Leila Alaoui (with Shirin Neshat), Selections Magazine, 2016

Guerilla Twin Photographers: Husain and Hasan Esop’s South Africa, Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia, 2016

Metro Manila Meets Dubai: Curator Ringo Bunoan Talks Art Dubai’s Philippines Focus, ArtSlant, 2016

Capturing Moments of Transition: Rania Matar, Selections Magazine, The Interventions Issue, 2016

Ceramics and the F Word: Ghada Amer on Feminism, new frontier mediums, and her opening show at Dubai’s Leila Heller Gallery, Selections Magazine, The Interventions Issue, 2016

The Dangerous Book: Hadieh Shafie, Selections Magazine, The Colour Issue, 2015

Innovating Tradition: Faig Ahmed Talks Carpets and Community from His Baku Studio, ArtSlant, 2015

Unapologetically Shurooq: The Kuwaiti Artist Discusses Her Tabeau Tableaux, Bitch Magazine, The Law and Order Issue, 2015

With New Paintings Adel Abidin Questions the Perception of Arabic-Speaking Media, ArtSlant, 2015

Colour and Material, Including profiles of Nadim Karam, Hadieh Shafie, and Hoda Tawakol, Selections Magazine, The Colour Issue, 2015

In Favour of Curious Talent: Profiles of 10 Artists Curated by Danna Lorch, Selections Magazine, The Curious Issue, 2015

The Illusion of Repetition: In conversation with land artist Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim, Contemporary Practices, Visual Arts from the Middle East, Vol. XVI, 2015

Trajectories: The first major exhibition of Pakistani and Indian printmaking in the Middle East, Indian Contemporary Art Journal, Vol. 14, 2015

The Moving Studio: A Conversation with Hazem Harb, ArtSlant, 2015

The Model Studio: Sound Artists Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver in Conversation, ArtSlant, 2015

The Worker’s Trap: An Interview with Sara Rahbar, Jadaliyya, 2015

Sueraya Shaheen: A Photographer Among Artists Contemporary Practices, Vol XV

A Street Artist Tackles Sculpture: In the Studio with eL Seed, Artslant, 2014

Within the Otherworldly: Artist Profile of Shadia Alem: Co-Authored with Myrna Ayad, Canvas Magazine, 2014



Who Do Women Dress For Anyway? VOGUE Arabia, February 2018

Beyond The Threads: HRH Princess Basma on The Art of Heritage, VOGUE Arabia, June 2017

The Middle East Men We Admire, VOGUE Man Arabia, Fall/Winter 2017

Architect of Dreams: Ziad Raphael Nassar designs fantastical weddings that are the stuff of fairy tales, Architectural Digest Middle East, Nov/Dec 2017

Cultural Game Changers, VOGUE India, March 2016 




A Cultivated Obsession: Four of the region’s female collectors open their homes to Vogue Arabia, revealing anything but blank walls, VOGUE Arabia, 2018

A Heart for Culture: HE Huda AlKhamis Kanoo has dedicated her life to supporting artists, VOGUE Arabia, October 2017

artnet Opens its Inaugural Sale of Contemporary Middle Eastern Art. The National. Art Blog, 2017

Under The Hammer: This Season’s Auction Highlights, Selections Magazine, The One on One Issue, 2016

Bidding Basics: Bonham’s Nima Sagharchi shares some tips for budding collectors, Selections Magazine, The Details Issue, 2015

Hammering Home in Dubai: Christie’s heads towards its 10th year, Selections, The Details Issue, 2015

Putting You in the Picture: Investing in the UAE Art Market, The National, Money Section, 2014


The Women Taking Charge in the Gulf’s Rising Art Scene, The Art Newspaper, December 2018 (Print edition)

Gardner’s Gardener: The Man Who Keeps the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Bloom, Architectural Digest (American Edition), 2018

Portrait of a Powerhouse: Hissa Al Dhaheri frames the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, VOGUE Arabia, November 2017 

A Woman’s Worth: Meet the determined women behind Abolish 153 lobbying to end honor killings in Kuwait, July/August 2017

Arabia’s Artful Leaders, VOGUE Arabia, June 2017

Architectural Digest Portfolio: Bohemian Rhapsody (Tarek Moukaddem), Architectural Digest (Middle East), March/April 2017

Broad Brushstrokes, Stylist explores the formidable female presence at Art Dubai, Stylist Arabia, 2016

The Best Non-Profit Art Spaces in the UAE, ArtSlant, 2016

In Dubai’s Expanding Arts District a new Foundation Celebrates the Patron-Artist Relationship, ArtSlant, 2016

Our Picks of the best fairs, gallery openings, and exhibitions of 2016, The National, 2016, Weekend Edition

Arabian Artscape: The United Arab Emirates’ Nascent Art Scene, Public Art Review, Fall/Winter, 2015

Seven Things not to miss at Abu Dhabi Art, The National, 2015

Highlights of Abu Dhabi Art: how the 7th edition will bring art to life, The National, 2015 What’s in Store: A Preview of Abu Dhabi Art’s 2016 edition, The National, 2015

Abu Dhabi Art promises an immersive experience at Manarat Al Saadiyat, The National, 2015

What’s New and back by popular demand at Abu Dhabi Art, The National, 2015

Contemporary Tehran: Istanbul’s Iranian Gallery Focus Shows an Art Scene on the Rise, ArtSlant, 2016

The Secret Playlist: Selections explores the way in which music influences 10 contemporary artists’ studio practices in a special series curated by Danna Lorch, Selections, The Playtime Issue, 2015

Postcard from Baku: Azerbaijan’s Rising Contemporary Art Scene, ArtSlant, 2015

Khaled Jarrar Paints a Rainbow: The West Bank Mural That Spurred a Fierce Debate About Oppression, ArtSlant, 2015

Is Beirut Going Blank? New National Policy Threatens City’s Street Art, ArtSlant, 2015

Unbridled Growth: Art in the Gulf Region from Thesiger to Today, Selections, The Art Issue, 2015

Preview: MENAM at Armory 2015, ArtSlant, 2015

Dubai’s Precocious Gallery Scene Expands, ArtSlant, 2015

Local Knowledge: Sharjah Art Foundation, Open Skies Magazine, Motivate Publishing, 2014

The Making of a Pop Art Clutch: Guest Blogger, VOGUE India, 2014

Uncommon Dubai: Lost in Al Quoz (Book Chapter), Uncommon Guidebooks, 2014

The Djerbahood Project: In Conversation with the People of Tunisia, ArtSlant, 2014

‘Walls of Freedom’ Documents The Egyptian Revolution, ArtSlant, 2014

The Legacy of Arab Film at Cannes, Style.Com/Arabia, 2014

The Art of Henna: A History,, 2014

Creative Community: Profiles of the People who are Shaping Dubai’s Art Scene, Open Skies Magazine, Motivate Publishing, 2014

The Rise of Dubai Street Art, Open Skies Magazine, Motivate Publishing, 2014




New Mythology, Samira Abbassy, Redemptive Narratives and Migrating Patterns, XVA Gallery, Dubai, 2017

Botanist of Letters, Wissam Shawkat, Inside/Outside, XVA Gallery, Dubai, 2017

Seamless Loop, Wafa Bint Hasher Al Maktoum, Meem Gallery, Dubai, 2016

Shifting Boundaries, Camille Zakharia, Cuadro Gallery, Dubai, 2016

And I, Will I Forget, Manal Al Dowayan, Cuadro Gallery, Dubai, 2016

Three Solo Exhibitions by Nasir Nasrallah, Zeinab Al Hashemi, and Ammar Al Attar, Cuadro Gallery, Dubai, 2015

Syrian Childhood Unmasked, Mohannad Orabi, Ayyam Gallery Publishing, Dubai 2015

What is Known, Monther Jawabreh, Villa des Arts de Rabat, 2015



The Persist Relevance of She Who Tells a Story: A Kaleidoscopic View of the Region’s Diversity, Tribe Vol. 6, 2018

Dubai By Way of SoHo: The Middle East Art Scene Makes Way for an Exhibit of New York Lore, ARTnews, 2017

Artist Tammam Azzam takes us on Syria’s road into hell, The National, 2016

Walking Down Syria’s Darkening Road, Tammam Azzam, Selections Magazine, The One on One Issue, 2016

Nature of the Future: Zaha Haddid’s Retrospective in Dubai, Selections Magazine, The One on One Issue, 2016

Surrender and Control: Dia Azzawi, Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia, Issue 19, 2015

Typing Syria: Whatsapp as Performance Art or Awareness Campaign? ArtSlant, 2015

Melting Machismo: Nadia Kaabi-Linke’s Fahrenheit 311, ArtSlant, 2015

Gulf Artist Collective Brings Their Diplomatic Parody to the Middle East: GCC, ArtSlant, 2014

Gallery Isabelle Van den Eynde Hosts Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian, The National, 2014



Essay Radar: Cultural Catalyst, Architectural Digest, May/June 2017

Art Dubai Modern Turns Tables on Gender Stereotyping in the Middle East, ArtSlant, 2016

Fighting ISIL Iconoclasm with Art and 3D Printers, ArtSlant ICON Issue, 2015

From the Harem to the Revolution: Worn Out Images of Middle Eastern Women in Art, ArtSlant, 2015

The Louvre Abu Dhabi: Prestige Project or Paradigm Shift? ArtSlant, 2015

Towards a Culture of Critique in the Visual Arts of the Gulf Region, Contemporary Practices, Visual Arts From the Middle East, Vol. XVI, 2015