Just Your Type: UAE Artisanal Printers And Stationers To Know

Why Handwritten Matters (an excerpt from my most recent feature in Good Magazine): “Sadly, handwritten is about to be added to the endangered list. Today’s romances and scandals happen via SMS or social media. Where’s the charm? Most of the greatest trysts and business deals have involved a handwritten letter of love, apology or thanks. Etiquette goddess Emily Post (and probably your mom too!) would agree 110% here.

A romantic handwritten letter lies beneath one of Love Note's  custom made wax seals

A romantic handwritten letter lies beneath one of Love Notes’ custom made wax seals

When something is handwritten it signifies a lot of time and consideration: first there’s the decision of what kind of paper to use, then the question of the colour of ink, and finally—exactly which combination of words will get the right point across. A well thought out letter will be tucked away in a nightstand drawer to be kept forever and probably reread by nosy grandchildren years later. So pop over to your local printer or stationer for the right paper, dust your favorite pen off, and get writing.”

As a writer, there are a few technical issues that I am especially picky about: font, typeface, ink, paper, and handwriting. Imagine my delight in being commissioned by my friends over at Good Magazine to create a feature offering my top picks for the latest bespoke printers and stationers to set up shop in the UAE: Toil and Tinker, Love Notes, Ajmal Calligraphy, and The Raizuli.

Custom designed stationary by Dubai-based Love Notes

Custom designed stationary by Dubai-based Love Notes

I had a ball (i.e., better than shoe shopping) dishing about helvetica, typewriters, and letterpress with Paul, the co-founder of Toil & Tinker, the first designer print shop to open in Dubai. Here is an excerpt from our interview:

Danna: Let’s talk type! If you could only use one font for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Paul: Argh! That is the hardest question ever because I literally collect type. There are so many I love and I follow a lot of typographers on Instagram. My business partner Brian Hutton and I often discover cool fonts and then our designers Neil and Ranil customize them by hand for clients. If I was forced to choose, I’d have to go with Bebas Neue.

A sampler of Paul's favorite font: Bebas Neue

A sampler of Paul’s favorite font: Bebas Neue

Toil & Tinker's Creative Manifesto

Toil & Tinker’s Creative Manifesto

JPEG Just My Type

You can download and read the full article here (courtesy of Good Magazine): Just Your Type PDF