How To Create Your Very Own Literary Salon

My article in Good Magazine this month is all about hosting a book club. This is not your mother’s white wine spritzer and Danielle Steel book club nor is it a return to the dull English literature lectures of your misspent youth. Book clubs these days use Twitter, often have a specific focus like Fiction or Arabic literature in translation, and do not culminate in a hang over or a final examination! Some groups choose to meet over brunch, out in the desert over a roaring fire, or in a circle of lawn chairs in the backyard.

I had a lovely time visiting some of the UAE’s best places for hosting literary events including Book Munch in Dubai and Maraya Art Centre in Sharjah , but my favorite part of research was getting to imagine a Great Gatsby themed meeting complete with book club members turning up in flapper dresses and fedoras to celebrate the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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Published in the Jan 2014 issue of Good Magazine (Motivate Press)

Published in the Jan 2014 issue of Good Magazine (Motivate Press)

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