I am an American freelance writer based in Boston. I have been working in the Middle East since 2004 and lived there for seven years. I hold a graduate degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University. My publications center around arts and culture from the Middle East and far beyond its borders (most recently, New England).

Previously, I worked in the humanitarian development field directing international NGOs in refugee camps, townships, overcrowded schools and public hospitals in the Middle East and Africa. I am equally comfortable in an LBD covering a Christie’s auction as I am sitting cross-legged on the floor of a temporary shelter made from corrugated tin, deep in a refugee camp.

My writing has appeared in Architectural Digest, AD Pro, Smithsonian Magazine, The Art Newspaper, Artsy, ARTnews, VOGUE (Arabia), The National, McSweeney’s and elsewhere.

Please reach out to me at: danna@dannawrites.com


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