A Woman’s Worth: Meet the determined women behind the Abolish 153 lobbying to end honor killings in Kuwait

“We need to change the notion that a woman is a man’s property. We need to disassociate the idea that there is any honor in murder. The shame is on the murderer himself, not on the woman,” says Sheikha Lulu M. Al Sabah. The outspoken Kuwaiti is at the forefront of driving this change. She co-directs Abolish 153, a campaign launched in 2014 that advocates for the dissolution of legislation that seemingly excuses honor killings, rape, and domestic violence in Kuwait. The campaign’s other founding members are Dr. Alanoud Alsharekh, Sheikha Al Nafisi, Amira Behbehani, and Sundus Hamza, while Nawar Al Barak and Shoroq Burhamah came on board soon afterwards.

it’s her education, cultural background, and independence that drive her sense of duty to speak out on behalf of others Al Sabah shares. She holds degrees from the American University of Paris and Birkbeck, University of London, and prior to her commitment to the cause, she was a strong presence in the region’s art world.

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